Questions & Answers

1. What are Resort Condominiums?
Resort Condominiums are becoming increasingly popular in the market today. Combining vacation home ownership with investment potential, they are luxury properties in popular vacation destinations. While they resemble a hotel, each suite is individually owned as a condo. Owners enjoy them at their leisure and/or participate in the hotel’s rental management program to generate additional income. The on-site management company takes care of all upkeep, maintenance and interaction with renters. Owners have the right to sell their unit at any time.

2. Do owners have to participate in the rental program?

Owners may elect to join the professionally managed rental program at a nominal fee to generate income when they are not using their suite. A professional management company ensures that Owner’s investment/property is maintained and operated at the highest standards. This will provide maximum value to the investment, while safeguarding the property with security and a piece of mind. It is not a requirement to participate in the rental program. However, to ensure safety, security and to maximize the value to the Owners, this will be the only rental program permitted for the building. Owners, private Airbnb and similar rental companies will not be permitted to rent the suites independently.

3. Are there other units available that are not Resort Condominiums?

Yes. Adjacent to this site we also offer towns, singles, and an upcoming residential condominium. For more information on these units please contact

4. Is this condo covered by The Tarion Warranty Program?

Tarion does not cover this condominium, however, the Kaitlin Corporation will stand by its product with a similar warranty, including a seven-year warranty which covers major structural defects.

5. Is my deposit protected?

Absolutely. All condominium unit deposits must be held in trust under the legislations of the Condominium Act. Any monies for the construction of the condo are released under the strict guidelines and insurance requirements of the Act.

6. How does parking work for a Resort Condominium?

There will be ample parking for residents and guests alike.

7. What are the condo fees? Are there any other fees?

There are the standard condo fees that cover the landscaping, snow removal and general maintenance of the common elements. The Resort/Amenity fee will cover the use of the facilities including the fitness room, tennis court and more. For Owners who elect to join the rental management program, the fees include management, housekeeping, security and concierge services.

8. What percentage of the condo fee goes to the Reserve Fund?

The condo will be governed by the Condominium Act, which regulates most aspects of condo formation, purchase, living in and governance in Ontario. The condo’s Reserve Fund will follow legislated rules set by the Act.

9. Can I customize my furniture and/or finishes? Will my trade or supplier be permitted to work on my unit prior to occupancy?

For Owners participating in the rental management program, our professional Design Team will create an inviting, warm atmosphere while complementing the décor with smart finishes to welcome you and guests of the hotel. As a hotel, it is important to maintain unity in the design, integrity and quality of workmanship to the highest standards. Due to safety issues during construction, independent trades will not be permitted access to work on individual units that are not part of the rental management program.

10. Am I permitted to bring pets to my condo?

Owners are permitted to bring their pets in accordance with the Condominium Documentation. Guests of the hotel will not be permitted to bring pets on their visits to the hotel.